Love your Home This Valentine’s Day

They say home is where the heart is and we couldn’t agree more. Therefore, why don’t we give our homes the love they deserve? Well now there’s no excuse when it comes to giving your home a little bit of TLC. Here’s some advice on how to treat your home this Valentine’s Day – and the rest of the days of the year.

Soft furnishings. Create a cosier feel by adding soft furnishings to your living area. You could try textured throws and blankets on your sofas, or over-sized cushions in the dining area. Choosing contrasting prints is a great way to make a space feel homier too.

Freshen up the walls. It’s more than likely that some areas of your home are in need of a freshen up more than others. Repainting the walls can give your home that transformation that it needs. Traditional Decorations offers a range of painting and restoration services to freshen the place up! Entranceways are a good place to start – it’s the first area people see and the first to get messy!

Dress your windows the right way. Make the most of your windows and go for classic white shutter blinds. If your windows are high, why not go for cafe style shutters? Aside from looking great, you then get the light shining through the top but the space still feels private.

Restore your carpet. Rather than replace your carpet, why not get it cleaned? You will be surprised at how much better the space will look. PJ Flooring offers a cleaning service that will give your carpets a complete refresh and leave them looking as good as new.

Add the right home accessories. Whether it’s a new photo frame, a candle or some freshly cut flowers, it’s remarkable how accessories can liven up a room. Bookshelves are a great place for accessories to sit and can help to make your home feel warmer.