Keeping your Home Secure Over Christmas

Admit it. You’re like us when it comes to the Festive Season. You can’t wait to set up your Christmas tree, spend your wages on presents and eat your weight in mince pies! Well let’s make sure we keep it that way, because like us, burglars love this time of year too. For very different reasons. It’s the time of year when we let their guard down. Presents are mounting up indoors, we’re planning time away, and due to a lot of Christmas spirit and parties, forgetfulness kicks in when it comes to securing our home.

Together, let’s avoid burglars ruining Christmas. Here’s our top tips on how to keep your home secure over the Festive Season – whether you’re at home, or away.

Make sure that the exterior of your home is well-lit. The last thing you want to do is make it easy for burglars to approach your home unseen. Consider installing lights at the front and the back so that no area is left in the dark (no pun intended!). Sensor lighting is often recommended as well as lights directly inside of the front and back doors. Companies such as JOB Electricals can advise you on the most effective lighting for you, so you can rest assured.

Ensure that your front door is secure. There are a number of different lock types to choose from to keep your doors as secure as possible. An important factor though, is having a lock that is insurance-approved. You don’t want to come unstuck when it comes to your insurance. Locksmiths like IKS can check how secure your doors are and advise you on what to do next. Also, don’t forget to secure the back door too! If you have bifolding or patio doors, make sure they are locked and if they slide, check that the rollers are in good condition.

Check that all the windows are secure. At minimum, your windows should close properly and you should remove the keys from all your windows (and doors). Blinds can also help. Electric blinds for example enable you to schedule the opening and closing of blinds throughout your home, without even being there. So if you’re spending Christmas away from home this year, make sure you enjoy it without the extra worry. Shutters are another great option. It’s another layer of protection to make it harder for burglars to access your home.

Get a reliable alarm system installed. Quite often, a good burglar alarm is the last thing we invest in when it comes to our home. Yet protecting our home and our family should be the highest priority. It’s important to choose a trusted, reputable company when it comes to installing a security system. Companies like Third Eye are on-hand to help when it comes to installing the right security system for you, and truly know their stuff. If you have an alarm system already, speak to the company that installed it and check that it has been serviced.

Cover yourself at Christmas. December is the perfect time to check that you’re fully covered by your home insurance policy. Find out your level of cover, especially for things like theft. And remember to update your insurer after Christmas too.

Be discrete when it comes to your holiday plans. If you’re away over Christmas, try not to shout about it to your neighbours, as much as you might want to! You never know who might be listening. Instead, invite them indoors or keep your voice low. The same applies when it comes to your social media. It’s easy for burglars to find out who is away over the Festive Season and it’s not hard to find your address.

Ask a neighbour to pop in every day, or every other day. Before you go away, ask a trusted neighbour or family member to keep an eye on your home. Even things as simple as switching on the lights, opening and closing the shutters or blinds, and picking up post to stop it from stacking up, can help to keep burglars away.

To find out more about how we can help to make your home more secure this Christmas, get in touch.