Common Mistakes When Installing Your Own Shutters

Choosing the wrong shutter size

The most common mistake is choosing the wrong shutter size to begin with! This is especially true for individuals who are installing shutters for the first time. As you can see from the the above image, they need to be somewhat larger than the window they’re covering, and hinged in such a way so they can properly close uniformly. Measure bigger than the windows space, or seek the help of a professional measurer.

Neglecting the view from outside

During the installation process, people often focus on how the shutters look in the inside, however neglecting to consider the outside as well. It is advised that you have a friend or family member to help advise you from the outside during the installation process, to make sure your shutters look perfect in both directions.

Neglecting to clean

The first common mistake people often make when installing their own Shutters, is that they forget to clean the shutters thoroughly first before priming and painting them. By neglecting to clean your shutters – you prevent them from looking the most aesthetically pleasing they can be.

As an alternative, you can simply hire a professional such as Inspiring Shutters and Blinds to recommend the right shutters for you, whilst at the same time installing them on your behalf. Let us remove the hassle for you!

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