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Plantation Shutters Essex (1)You’ll be amazed that something seemingly as simple as a perfectly-selected shutter can completely transform your window spaces, and your home décor. Here at Inspiring Shutters & Blinds in Essex we are able to offer our customers an extensive range of quality shutters that are suitable for all tastes and budgets.

At times, making sure you select the correct plantation shutter for your needs can feel a little overwhelming. Make the wrong choice and you’ll end up with something that just doesn’t look right. However, there’s no danger of that if you source your plantation shutters for your Essex home from us. All our employees are vastly experienced and expertly trained, and will give you the best advice possible. We will help you to compliment your window dressings, and to really enhance your home’s style.

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Types of plantation shutters that we have available include:

Plantation Shutters Essex (2)Full height shutters – these shutters are built so that they cover the entirety of your window, from top to bottom. This is the simplest style of shutter you can attain, but also the most versatile.

Full height shutters with a mid rail – shutters such as these are designed to completely cover very tall windows, as tall windows require tall shutters. However, such shutters are built with extra strength to prevent warping, and they are arranged in two separate panels. Both sections can operate independently of each other.

Cafe-style shutters – these type of shutters only cover the bottom half of a window. This allows privacy when you have the shutters closed, but still allows light to enter your home via the top portion. If you live in a busy area, then these shutters are ideal for you.

Tier-on-tier shutters – a very versatile style of shutter which are – too all intents and purposes – two completely independent sets. The top set can be opened, closed and folded back completely independently from the bottom set, and vice versa. This gives you complete control over privacy and the amount of natural light you allow into your residence.

How to acquire your plantation shutters from Inspiring Shutters & Blinds

The first step in obtaining your plantation shutters for your Essex home from us is to arrange a free home consultation. This can take place at any time that suits you. One of our expert crafts personnel will come and visit you and discuss what you are looking to achieve. If you then decide to go ahead with our services, we ask that you pay fifty percent of the invoice price prior to installation, and the remainder once the installation has been completed to your satisfaction. We also provide superb after-sales support, so any queries, just ask!

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