Six Tricks to Add Character to your Home

Period properties are hard to find. And when you do find them, more times than not the original features have been removed by previous tenants who wanted to ‘modernise’ it. Alternatively, instead of waiting around you bite the bullet and go for a new build property. Either way, you might like to know that there are some things you can do to inject character and charm into a home.

Embrace the style of your home. What is your home style? It might be Georgian with its clean, symmetrical lines, Victorian where it’s all about bay windows and patterned brickwork, or the light and airy Edwardian style. Whatever it is, go with it. Shop around to find kitchenware, ornaments and furniture that fit in with your home.

Frame your windows. Window treatments are an opportunity to define a room’s style. There are some simple tricks such as installing curtain rods close to the ceiling to make a room feel taller, adding bold fabrics to contrast against walls or extending the width of your poles and tracks to make your windows appear bigger.

Mix up your vanities and hardware. Whether you have a new build property or not, quite often homes will have the same vanities and hardware throughout. Rather than having everything match, how about mix and match or give it a refresh by painting part of it or replacing one or two tiny details?

Lighting. Rather than stick to spot lights or have the same type of light fitting in every room, pick up beautiful vintage and antique lights and combine them with new fixtures. Lighting can make a huge difference to a room. Lamps for example are a simple way of creating a cosy atmosphere and if you look around, you can find some iconic light fittings that can bring a room to life.

Window shutters. Shutter blinds are a favourite of ours (of course!). It’s remarkable how quickly they can bring that missing character back into a home whilst also providing privacy. For tall bay windows, consider having Cafe Style shutter blinds. These split the louvers so the top of the shutter is open to let in lots of natural light and the bottom half tilted, so no one can see into your home. There are waterproof options that look gorgeous in bathrooms too. Why not opt for narrower louvre for a more traditional feel, or go with wider louvres for a more modern style? 

Replace paint with wallpaper. Opting for printed wallpaper is a great way to add character to a room. Covering just one or two walls in a room with a bold print can lift the room entirely. Why not try a vintage-inspired floral print or an art deco print for a truly vibrant look?